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Around Brunner - Postponed for 2018

It is with regret that we are postponing the January 2018 Around Brunner.  We're taking a step back from the event in January and are looking to review the event fully and see how we can build the event back to its glory days of over 1,000 competitors.  Over the years since the Canterbury Earthquakes the numbers of competitors have declined substantially to he stage that the event isn't viable to run .

We welcome any ideas you may have for the event.  It may be that we run it earlier, later or even every second year.  We introduced the Around the Bridges ride which attracted around 80 competitors at its peak although this tended to replace team cyclists doing half of the Around Brunner ride. The Enduro event has been good to have in the ride over the last 3-years although numbers have only got to 12 hardened soles doing the ride. We've run it as a Mini Series with Ride the Rakaia.

We appreciated that last year in the 2 weeks before the event Arthur's Pass was closed because of slips and when we would have generally received 50 plus entries in that period we only received 5.

We want to bring this Iconic Event back to the West Coast as many competitors have raced in the event over he last 12-years and it's a great event for the West Coast.

In the interim, if you're looking for a couple of great mountain bike rides on he West Coast, we have Ride the Wilderness, 4 great races on the West Coast Wilderness Trail on Saturday 18 November 2017.  You pick where you start from and they all finish in Greymouth. And Gold Trail, Shantytown to Moana on the Sunday 4 February, starting in the main street of Shantytown and finishing at the Moana Hotel..

Check these 2 great events out at www.ridethewilderness.co.nz or www.goldtrail.co.nz

Keep cycling

Carol and John Moore
CJM'S Events Ltd

Around Brunner started as a 130km sealed circuit cycle ride taking you through some of the most stunning scenery the West Coast of New Zealand has to offer. In 2013 we added the Around the Bridges 30km ride and in 2015 the Enduro 2 laps of the traditional ride being 260km.

Two events

  • Around Brunner 130km
  • Around Brunner Enduro 260km

The Mini Series with Ride the Rakaia on 24th February 2018 will be held again.